Upholstery, Drapery, and Furniture as Unique as You Are.

Amaze Your Guests With Unsurpassed Quality and Attention to Detail.
We know that the right piece of furniture can utterly transform a room. That’s why we work closely with our customers to create a “wow factor,” whether it’s an updated look for a favorite sofa in your home, or custom-shaped booths in a hotel lobby. From consultation to final delivery, we take the admonition to “measure twice, cut once” to heart, thoughtfully planning each step of the process with you and being utterly transparent in our communication to ensure that you get exactly the results you want.


We’re known for our trademark Reupholstery services. We offer meticulous, long-lasting work that will dazzle and delight, whether you need to change the fabric of a couch or touch up the booths at your restaurant.
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Our sister company, Benny’s Draperies, has been perfecting fabric and drapery design for residential and commercial projects. From upscale rooms to luxe hotel lobbies, we offer the finest fabrics and a uniquely artistic eye for style.
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Custom Furniture

We craft one-of-a-kind furniture to fit tricky spaces and unique design aesthetics. From plush circular benches to elongated chaises, we design, manufacture, and install custom furniture pieces that finish your look with a unique touch.
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Premium Fabrication for Both Commercial and Residential Applications.

  • Restaurants
    Your Customers Deserve a Feast for the Senses. A Vegas restaurant experience is about so much more than food. Ambiance
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  • Homes
    Custom Redesign for the Most Ambitious Home Decorator. We love working on custom projects for our residential clients. It’s exhilarating
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  • Outdoor
    Upholster With Long-Lasting, Weather-Resistant Fabrics and Materials. Outdoor furniture poses one of the most difficult challenges to designers. You want
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  • Medical
    Our Reupholstery Services Make Waiting a Pleasure. You want to show your patients the very best care from the moment
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  • Offices
    Redesign, Refurbish, and Refresh Your Office Space. Your office space matters. Not only do foyers and conference rooms set the
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  • Hotels
    We’ve Customized Show-Stopping Spaces for the Biggest Names on the Strip. Here in Vegas, there’s one thing we understand better
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